Remember The Legends

Lithgow Hornets Reunion Photos

There have been four reunions 1980, 1995, 2006 & 2015 ……. More to come!

The first reunion in 1980 was held at the Lithgow Workmens Club and what a fabulous evening it was with old Hornets returning home from all over the place. I rolled up with my camera which to me was quite normal to record some historical event, I’ve been doing it ever since but nobody else saw it that way, they just wanted to catch up with everyone, recall the past and have a good time! Somebody had a small pocket camera and those photos are also included here. The second & third reunions in 1995 and 2006 were held at the Lithgow Bowling Club which has a touch of irony as we certainly weren’t thinking about playing bowls in those days. In the fifteen years between the first and second reunions lots of new Hornets arrived and I don’t know who they all are and who among those deserve special mention of lengend status in their own right, so hopefully some of the younger brigade will make contact so their data can be included here also! Up the Hornet’s. Contact: Paul R Horton  Email:  Phone: (02)6331-4560
1980 Reunion 1980 Reunion 1995 Reunion 1995 Reunion 2006 Reunion 2006 Reunion 2015 Reunion 2015 Reunion